The Draconian Doctor of Dread Dark

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His name is whispered when it’s mentioned at all. There aren’t too many people with the knowledge to talk about him, but they’re out there.

He’s the Draconian Doctor of Dread Dark.

He has been taking people from Terra Lake, and he takes them and performs experiments upon them. What exactly he does, few remember, though Agatha knows that he took her kidney and replaced it with something. Michael says he recalls being some sort of assistant, while Mrs. Bishop indicates that she was some sort of archivist.

He has also appeared in the mortal world, breaking into Chuck’s home for some unknown purpose.

And now he says that he will come for Elena on prom night. It looks like the cell has that long to prepare for whatever happens. For better or worse.

…which seemed to be for the better. It is not yet known what allies or cultists he may have, but the Doctor himself has apparently been killed. Katrina witnessed Janet Cook press a pillow to his face. He evaporated after that.

But what of his legacy?

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The Draconian Doctor of Dread Dark

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