The Snake-Bear, the Monster, the Thing in the Woods


It’s not even a rumor in Terra Lake, though it’s an old folk-legend. A Miami Indian legend, in fact. Some creature, known as the Snake-Bear, eats people in this area. That’s why the Miami Indians never really settled the area that would become Terra Lake. Of course, it’s just a silly old legend, right? Just a metaphor for drought or scarce game or something, right?

Wrong. It’s out there. There are people who have seen it. It’s mean. Real mean. It’s big, too. Big like a bear. But scaly like a reptile. But bipedal like a human.

And that’s about all you can say about it. Beyond that, your mind shuts down, and you can’t describe it anymore. Teeth of some sort. Big claws. A whirlwind of hate.

For such a big thing, it runs quickly, too. The bastard’s fast, and can take gunshots without even slowing down. Rhys put two shots into the thing, and they were already healing by the time Jonah hit it with his car. And Lilith said that it didn’t disappear, it just ran away.

Did I mention that it’s really mean?

Did I also mention that it’s really dead? It gave Elena a nasty scratch. Then Billy Jack, Chuck, and Katrina all shot at it with shotgun shells filled with chunks of gold jewelery. Elena finished it off with a haymaker, her hands wrapped in her gold jewelery.

Let’s just hope there isn’t another one running around. It’s odds on or off whether the trick would work again. And really, does anybody want to see another one of those things running around?

Also, credit where credit is due. Image source:

Hulk and the Pantheon take on The Abomination: Vols-Gators game day open thread. Rocky Top Talk. Retrieved February 6, 2009, from

Yes, true, the Thing in the Woods looks nothing like The Abomination, but really, that’s just about as accurate as anything else.


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