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Special Note: Despite the fact that False in Some Sense is finished, I hope to put up some of the actual crunchy bits so that enterprising GMs may use the setting for their own purposes. Expect that…eventually. If you want any crunch or deeper background on any characters in the meantime, send me a message and I’ll answer your queries.

False in Some Sense

False in Some Sense is a game taking place in the fictional town of Terra Lake, Indiana. The basic setting and ruleset is White Wolf’s new World of Darkness setting. The game also draws on the additional rules for hunters in Hunter: the Vigil, with our intrepid heroes functioning as a Tier 1 hunter cell.

As mentioned elsewhere, False in Some Sense originated as a tale following five residents of Terra Lake — Agatha Christine Herman, Katrina Kournikova, Elena Mackenzie, Jonah Flood, and Chuck Storm — as they attempted to find out what has become of their friend, Michael, and how that might reflect something terrible brewing in town…

Now, of course, they know. The True Fae have been using this town as their personal hunting ground, taking humans as long as they please, and the group is going to do something about it. After Jonah was arrested for attempting to assault a federal agent, Billy Jack Puckett and Jim Soldati have joined the group in their fight against the creatures holding the town hostage.

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