A Pilgrim


Some of the kids, local kids, they go out to the woods to play. The older kids might go out there to smoke pot. Drink beer. Have sex.

Some of them, when they’re out there, they claim to see a ghostly woman in white. Maybe they feel cold, maybe the bile rises in their throat, but they’ll tell you there’s something wrong with her. The adults who haven’t seen her, they say she isn’t real, but the kids, they know she’s real. Just because you can’t touch her doesn’t mean she isn’t there.

But for Agatha Herman, Chuck Storm, Elena Mackenzie, Jonah Flood, and Katrina Kournikova, she’s real and physical. She goes by Lilith, but Jonah even gave her a complete name. Something she can tell the police if they get too nosy. She can tell everyone that she is Lilith Cummings from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and she is a Catholic. The first couple of times they met her, they thought she was odd. Uncanny. She sniffs the air like a bloodhound. She’s more forward and naive than many of the people they know.

Oh, yeah. And she’s Lazarus, back from the dead.

Jonah figured out that she wasn’t human, so he conducted a little experiment. He gave her some salvia, then overdosed her on LSD. She was taken to the hospital. She died, was taken to the morgue. Then her body disappeared.

She’s still alive.

She says she’s made out of strange alchemy and some girl’s corpse, and that she’s on a quest to become human. She says that people just take a natural dislike to her, and it hasn’t happened yet, but it will. Just wait.

Fortunately, though, there’s a viable escape plan. Paul St. Claire had no plans to stay in town, what with some weird minister looking for him. With her being legally dead and all in town, she and Paul left town together, apparently going out West. Maybe she’ll see everyone again; maybe she won’t. But she plans on sending letters in any case.

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Okay, so perhaps she is not so good a liar as she would like to be, not so good as Mr. Flood told her to be, but she is trying.

In Chicago, she’s Lily Cummings. Still from Pittsburgh. Still Catholic, if anybody asks. She is apparently looking for the mysterious killer murdering vagrants in South Side. Fortunately, it appears that she may have some sort of help in that regard.


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