Katrina Kournikova

Student, artist, stranger in a foreign land


Kat left Russia and what could only be the start of a promising dance career to pursue the American Dream – an education at a dance conservatory in Chicago she found through online contacts, and maybe fame and fortune as a choreographer or performer in the bright American spotlight. Except the school wasn’t legitimate, a complete scam actually, and Kat found herself more or less stranded in the middle of a very overwhelming country.

Where the internet failed her before, she found a small hope through a friend she met on Live Journal, a guy named Adam who teaches at a decently sized dance school outside of Indianapolis, and who tells her that they happen to have an opening, if she’d like to stay there until she gets back on her feet. She’s got the visa anyway, so what can it hurt.

And so Katrina finds herself in the tiny podunk town of Terra Lake, IN teaching at a local dance studio, taking online courses and dating local high school teacher Michael Herman. Life is good, or was, until Michael disappeared and some… thing was left in his place, replacing him, impersonating, lying. Or at least she knows that now. Now that the thing is dead and fallen to pieces, and her Michael – the real Michael – is back.

If only that made things better. On top of all the weird shit that has been happening in Terra Lake in general, Kat’s also got a secret inside her – she’s pregnant, and if everything she’s learnt is right, the baby isn’t her Michael’s, it is the Impostor’s. Meaning it is something not of this world.

Katrina Kournikova

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