James Soldati

Man in Black, er, Gray Pinstripe


A rambunctious kid egged on by his brothers, Jimmy got into lots of trouble. When they didn’t grow out of it, going so far as nearly ending up in juvee, his parents decided that the boys needed some discipline. Being an avid fan of the Kung Fu series and movie, he chose that martial art as a focus for his errant energy. He chose to join the Marines and was placed in the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit. In the service, he helped develop the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. When the 15th MEU was shipped out to Afghanistan in late 2001, they weren’t prepared for what they’d find in the mountain caves. After a nearly deadly brush with the supernatural and contracting an almost certainly suicidal curiosity, he was asked to join a top secret government organization. The small group he has been assigned to in Terra Lake is perplexing, but he will do what he must to protect them.

He has seen literal monsters in the form of men but has more recently been exposed to a more subtle kind of monstrosity. The dichotomy of protecting the uninitiated from the supernatural and respecting the lives of those Others who are just trying to live is troubling. Sometimes he wonders if it’s worth it…

James Soldati

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