False in Some Sense


Dr. Agatha Herman joins the FBI, and also joins Null Mysteriis, aiming to become a notable paranormal researcher in her spare time.

Chuck Storm continues the Vigil, this time with the United States government. Though forced to leave broadcasting due to the move, he still does important work.

After graduation, Elena MacKenzie goes to Las Vegas with Paul St. Claire, before returning to Terra Lake to prepare for college in the fall. She attends Brown University, and writes several books about serial killers.

Katrina Kournikova arranges to speak to her father before she gathers her things, and she and Michael (aka James Eliot) leave Terra Lake for her native Russia.

Jonah Flood is released from prison within five years, and returns to writing books and traveling the back roads of the world.

William Puckett’s body is never recovered.


I had not read the epilogue. Hooray for the team?


I went with whatever nebulous plans people told me. I think I got them right?

They’re subject to change if people think they’re inappropriate.


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