Terra Lake

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Terra Lake is a town of 4,572 4,555 in Brown County, Indiana, about an hour and a half south of Indianapolis. They are largely agrarian although they have the typical utilities to be found in a small town, such as small restaurants, a mall, some grocery stores, and the like. They were founded in the late 19th century; further information can be found regarding the town’s origins at your local library.

The town is largely agrarian, or was until Phoenix Chemicals came to the area. With the various draws of farming, science, and tourism, Terra Lake is practically metropolitan by Indiana standards.

The Terra Lake Town Council has been in power for many years, almost assuredly reelected every four years. The town council leader is Dean Sergeant (D), with Tabitha Portner (D) and James Harman (R). The town clerk is Derrick Everhart (D). Charles Roth is the chief of police, and Brenton Herman (no relation) is the fire chief.

The lake is considered very pretty and a somewhat noticeable tourist draw, but the past couple of years have seen an infestation of snakehead. Additionally, the number of drownings and disappearances around the lake have limited its draw in recent years.

It is also whispered that an active serial killer is operating in the town. The first victim has always been said to be Katie Bauer, and it is believed by many that the deaths of her parents (George and Evelyn) and her brother (George, Jr.) were caused by their witness of the murder and the subsequent need to silence them. The most notable victim is Rosalind Sherman, wife of the reclusive Dr. Cassius Sherman, and the shock of the event is what is said to have pushed Dr. Sherman to his current state. Every few years, another young girl disappears from town, never to be seen again. The few witnesses who saw victims before they disappeared claim that they have seen a strange woman in the area, someone wearing heavy clothing and sunglasses.

Finally, among local folklore, the woods on the other side of the lake are haunted. Some kids who dare each other to enter the woods claim to have seen a pale woman in white there despite the fact that nobody lives in the woods. Others have claimed to see white lights flashing in the woods.

Places of Interest

Bird of Paradise

Bishop’s Antiquities

Church of Ezekiel’s Divine Revelation


Phoenix Chemicals

Terra High School

Terra Lake Mall

William Henry Harrison Memorial Hospital

Terra Lake

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