Automaton Gear

A charm that detects Automata


This counts as a two-dot relic from Reliquary, if anyone is interested. Obviously, that places this item firmly in the new World of Darkness, though it wouldn’t be hard to transfer it to another system.

Durability 3, Size 0, Structure 3

Description: This small, metal gear looks like a watch gear, only chunkier. It looks to be made of iron or steel, but its actual composition cannot be determined.

It is cool, like metal, though not abnormally so. However, at odd intervals, it may become noticeably cold to the touch.

Background: Given to Rhys Nolan, noted hunter of what he terms Automata, this object supposedly allows him to identify the things. He obtained this sometime after he started hunting these replacement humans.

The Gear only really does one thing, but it does that thing without fail. It turns cold whenever an “Automaton” comes near, within 100 feet or so.

Effects: Sense Creature (••): If an Automaton passes within 100 feet of the Automaton Gear, the gear grows ice-cold to the touch. It does not indicate direction or point out an individual if the Automaton is in a crowd. No roll or expenditure is required to activate this power.

Also, credit where credit is due. Image source:

Loyal Link Global Ltd (2008). Retrieved March 1, 2009, at


As mentioned above, its precise origin is not determined, though Rhys Nolan probably knows more about it.

Automaton Gear

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