Vampiric Trio


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After entering the missile silo, Jonah encountered the man (pictured above) first. Other than withstanding gunshots very well and being handy with a knife, he did not display any overtly supernatural properties. At least until he was decapitated by Agatha and Kenneth.

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The cell next encountered the man with the woman pictured above. She appeared to not be as handy with a knife as her male companion, but showed a marked resistance to bullets and being beaten (she probably suffered enough injuries from being punched and kicked to drop three grown men). Even so, she did not display any overtly supernatural properties until her decapitation.

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Kenneth vaguely referred to this one as the leader. She appeared late as she was apparently gathering sacrifices for some nefarious purpose. She pulled a knife out of her boot and then promptly forgot about it when she grew fangs and freaked out for no fathomable reason — overtaken by bloodlust perhaps? She flung herself at Elena only to be dropped by a .45 bullet and two shotgun blasts. Again, she showed some odd properties following decapitation.

Notable properties of the three specimens include the aforementioned resistance to bullets, as well as an immediate reversion to an almost corpselike state upon being rendered unconscious. Once decapitated, they began to rapidly decay, though Agatha managed to gather some samples which she can examine at her leisure. Additionally, their internal organs appeared atrophied and unused. Most striking, as Kenneth mentioned, they appear to communicate through some guttural, hissing tongue, though they also comprehend and can speak English (and apparently check email, if Kenneth’s fears are accurate). Kenneth also suggests they have some sort of Satanic ritual setup in the missile silo, but he doesn’t know too much about it.

Vampiric Trio

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