Rosalind Childers Sherman

Urban Legend and Animated Patchwork Cadaver


The Woman in Black (pictured above) is something of an urban legend in this town. Folks say that young, blond, athletic girls go missing in Terra Lake, and sometimes this mysterious stranger is seen nearby.

Johnny indicated that the Woman in Black can be placed at two local disappearances fitting that profile, according to newspaper archives. Elena learned that she was definitely real when she felt her steely fingers around her throat. Who knows what would have happened, had not Michael intervened?

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Then, on Valetine’s Day, Elena is attacked by the “Stitched Bitch,” pictured above, and managed to subdue her despite the “Bitch” being very strong for her size. Elena suspected that the “Bitch” and the Woman in Black were the same woman. This is correct.

The Woman in Black is actually the late Rosalind Sherman, wife of Dr. Cassius Sherman. After her death at the hands of some monstrous creature, Dr. Sherman eventually reanimated her. When he only restored her bodily, but not in memories or soul, he kept animating cadavers until it worked. It never did.

Hopefully Rosalind can now find the rest she deserves.

Rosalind Childers Sherman

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