Roger Mason

Victimized Fetch


Roger Mason is a goth kid. So what? There are lots of them. He has a couple of friends at Terra High School who are part of the subculture, so it’s not like he’s the only one.

You’d think he’s pretty normal. Hangs out at Eddie’s. Goes to school.

And at some point, the Others came and took him away, leaving a false thing of twigs and candles and lace in his place.

Maybe he seemed a little different, maybe he didn’t. But the world turned and nobody noticed.

At least, until he brought a shotgun to school.

Nobody died. At least, not officially. Elena and Johnny saw it, though. He put the thing under his chin and pulled the trigger. Blood and flesh and bone went up…

…but only the odds and ends from which he was crafted returned to Earth again.

Of course, if you think that’s bad, ponder the fact that the real Roger’s still out there somewhere, undergoing unknown torments.

Which is more unfair? Being taken, or not having a life to return to when you escape? If you escape.

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Roger Mason

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