Noelle Isaacs


Noelle was the quiet, deadpan, nerdy girl in the Advanced Placement circuit. The good word had it that she was dating Johnny, back before he died.

Now, you’d barely recognize her. The picture above [Hair in my face, an off kind of day photo. (2009, March 19). ModelMayhem. Retrieved December 1, 2009, from] is what she looked like before Spring Break.

untitled. (2009, September 17). ModelMayhem. Retrieved December 1, 2009, from

Now she looks more like the woman pictured above. She’s pretty, flirtatious, and popular. She’s integrated herself into Elena’s social network. She’s dating Elena’s sometime boyfriend, Dirk. Rumor even has it that she is in the running for Prom Queen.

She’s also a Fetch.

Noelle Isaacs

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