Johnny Page

Eccentric Adolescent Occultist


There are things that just aren’t right in Terra Lake, Indiana. And our group of intrepid hunters are not the only people in town who have noticed.

Take Johnny, for instance. He goes to Terra High School. Something of an eccentric, he’s still well-liked, and fairly easy-going. He and his friends disappear during lunch to play Unknown Armies.

Then, Elena came to ask the group about a problem, and now he’s living Unknown Armies.

Since then, he’s been threatened about demonic sigils, bumped into the Reverend, and even seen a Fetch fall into pieces during a school shooting. All things considered, he’s doing fairly well, but even so. Just how deep does the rabbit hole go?

Pretty deep, as it turns out. Horrid monsters, Fair Folk, Fetches… The list goes on.

And now there’s a question about Johnny’s sanity. Is he nuts? Has he totally fallen into the rabbit hole himself? The other day, the cell saw him wandering absently through the woods. He said he the Dragon was coming for Elena, and that he was looking for some tower. He seemed normal after he carved his name on a tree, though he started asking questions that people shouldn’t just know. He says he’s okay, but what happened to him?

We may never know, now. It seems as if the poor fellow has disappeared, though it is possible that some people know what happened.

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Johnny Page

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