Fae Slavers


Chuck and Michael said they both seem odd.

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Chuck, Katrina, and Michael encountered this big fellow inside Katrina’s apartment. He was wielding a baseball bat. And when I say big, I mean big. He was probably close to seven feet when they entered the apartment, but he easily breached nine feet when he got mad. Unfortunately for him, that didn’t save his groin, nor did it save the subsequent barrage of bullets and blood loss.

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The big man’s accomplice, she was wielding a knife. She fought well, and fought like the devil when the big man finally fell, but she didn’t fight well enough. Katrina beat her into unconsciousness, and the police took her away. She is the one who indicated that they were trying to take Katrina for the slave trade, but Agent Sklar seems to think that she is not really in any further danger of that. It also sounds like she is looking for some way to escape her prison.

And escape she did. Somebody apparently strangled her in the night, gaining access to her cell through unknown means. That means that it can walk through walls, or it’s a police officer. Both?


Fae Slavers

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