Dr. Ebenezer Zirpoli

Scientist Visitor from New York


Called from New York to investigate the carnivorous fish in Terra Lake, Dr. Ebenezer Zirpoli is an elderly British scientist. A physicist with physician training, it is apparent that there is something more to this fellow, and that he knows more than he says.

Like how in the hell does he know who killed Johnny when the police and the FBI don’t know? What was he doing in Leningrad in 1987 that necessitated the involvement of the GRU? And how does he remember a random encounter with a Soviet agent from twenty-two years ago? Wouldn’t most people forget the officer’s name after a couple of days?

And isn’t it weird that said Soviet agent just so happens to be Katrina’s father?

Also, credit where credit is due. Image source:

“An Apple for My Teacher” (1997, November 6). Salon. Retrieved October 11, 2007, from http://www.salon.com/media/1997/11/06media.html

Dr. Ebenezer Zirpoli

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