Anatoly Kournikova


Dr. Zirpoli made reference to this figure, shortly before he arrived. He is Katrina’s father, who died in the late eighties.

Of course, things are not as they initially appear.

He — or someone claiming to be him — has returned, appearing in Terra Lake. He apparently worked with a clandestine branch of the Soviet GRU called Project: Kupala; apparently, Kupala researched psychic phenomena.

Anatoly appreached Katrina with an offer — he’ll give her and her associates equipment if they agree to rid the town of all supernatural influences. That includes Puckett. That includes Bishop. That includes Michael.

We’ll see what she decides, no?

Of course, she may not have the opportunity. Some people — Perkona clones, if the theories are correct — carted him away. Of course, Janet Cook has tasked the cell with finding him, so his ultimate goal in these events may yet be determined.

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Anatoly Kournikova

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