Paul St. Claire


He rode into town on a black horse, just like Reverend Caulfield said he would. A black Mustang, in this case. With his “HAT” hat a la John Cheese and MSI blaring from the speakers, he probably never expected to see Jonah Flood hurtling at him at high velocity.

That’s how he ended up stopping in Terra Lake.

A stranger to the area, Paul definitely has a taste for the weird.

He listened to Chuck‘s whole story without flinching, and he seems to recognize Lilith and her race by description. He also seems to be something of an alchemist. Though the Reverend said he was a bad man, the only questionable thing he’s really done was hitting Jonah with a baseball bat when tried to steal his car. And he tends to look at Elena, but then again, who doesn’t? Not made of stone, people.

At any rate, with that weird minister apparently looking for him, and with Lilith needing to leave town, Paul has left Terra Lake with her. He’ll probably hit up Vegas at some point, but his plans aren’t too definite. He says he’ll keep in touch, though. However that works out.

Since returning from Las Vegas, Paul has mostly been hanging around Terra Lake. He was initially going to take Elena to Las Vegas, at least before everyone needed to be treated for radiation poisoning. Now, he’s taking her to prom, in preparation for whatever might happen. It could be the Doctor, or it could just be a catfight. Either way, he’s ready.

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Paul St. Claire

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