Dr. Cassius Sherman


Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. Picture the following.

You’re an up-and-coming doctor in the suburbs of D.C. Life is hectic, but it’s good. It’s just about everything you ever wanted.

And then she came into your operating room. Her name was Rosalind Childers, and she was badly injured. You saved her life.

Fast forward. You’ve kept in touch, and you started dating. She knows you never have time, but she’s witty and charming, so you make time. Fast forward again; you’re married, now. Life is good, but working at a hospital is very hectic, and try as you might, you just can’t seem to start that family. So you decide to slow things down.

You move to a little town that nobody’s heard of. Terra Lake, Indiana.

Life is no longer the frenetic jumble that it was out there. Life slows to a crawl. Your most pressing emergency at any time is usually some kid who needs his stomach pumped after too much alcohol, and the damage to the pride is usually worse than the damage to the body.

You still haven’t had children, but you’re not too old just yet. You’ll get there. Just give it time.

You hear something pound on the door, and it starts to give way. Your mind collapses when you see it; it looks like a big animal, but the gleam in its eye is far too intelligent, and no animal would be so needlessly cruel.

It traps you in your house. Pins you down like a butterfly, and makes you watch while it tortures your wife. It leaves her face untouched; in retrospect, this is probably so you can watch her expressions clearly as she dies, and so she can see everything that’s happening. The rest of her body is a ravaged mess.

Then it turns to you. You probably black out, don’t remember much of it, but what transpires is probably best described as torture or rape. Then, it leaves. It leaves you alive so that you can crawl to the phone, and it never bothers you again.

Is it any wonder that Dr. Cassius Sherman is a little messed up?

To the public, as far as they could tell, he didn’t use his talents to suture anymore. He started stitching dolls, firing dolls, carving dolls, whatever. Buying and selling dolls.

A lot of his own creations look like his dead wife, in fact. More than you’d know.

You see, where the local kids consider him the archetypical scary old man and dare each other to knock on his door, there is actually something foul afoot.

He’s been trying to bring his wife back.

He used to be a doctor, so he’s pretty adept at working in the medium of human flesh. When girls go missing around Terra Lake, he just might be the one to do it. He stitches their bodies back together and brings them to life. He hopes that, some day, he’ll be able to restore his wife. Not just a simulacrum of his wife, as he has now, but the real deal.

Of course, that will never happen, now. After the police captured him, he apparently committed suicide in his cell. Hanging. Hopefully he finds the peace he has sought.

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Dr. Cassius Sherman

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