False in Some Sense

Those Caught Between; Chapter 4

Saturday, February 28, 2009, just before midnight

Having returned to the motel, Billy Jack and Agatha get in his truck and start going back to the Lake House. Katrina bandages Chuck’s wound before getting into her car, followed by Elena and Michael. Having left, everyone sees Paul’s car returning to the motel; he says that he should probably check out, and then goes inside before returning to the car. He follows Katrina’s car back to the Lake House.

Once back at the Lake House, Billy Jack asks what happened. They indicate that they rescued This Way Comes, but the other one got away when a group of identical triplets attacked and threatened the group. Billy Jack is less than pleased about the one that got away, but says that things could be worse. After everyone is settled, Billy Jack gets This Way Comes some clothes and Agatha asks him some questions about his imprisonment. He indicates that he didn’t really know where he was; he was captured somewhere in the vicinity of Terra Lake, brought to some unknown facility (evidently in San Francisco), and experimented upon. They removed his arm and some of his essence with it. He is not certain how they accomplished this — to his knowledge, even dangerous, cannibalistic Prometheans cannot really do that — or what purpose they have for his stolen arm. He never met the unnamed, biting Promethean before, and only really encountered him on the truck.

Once questions have been asked, Paul, Lilith, and This Way Comes leave to find a hotel before setting out in the morning. Everyone else goes to their homes; Chuck specifically sneaks into his home to make sure his parents don’t hear him getting home late.

The next day, everyone goes through their routines. Katrina spends some time at the dance studio. Elena goes to work at Claire’s. Agatha compiles her notes from the previous evening. Chuck gets his thoughts together and makes sure his work knows that he will be returning on Monday. Billy Jack speaks to some of his contacts to learn if they know anything about Prometheans or other weird things, and hears back that they don’t know anything about the Snake-Bear. He also monitors the news in Illinois to see if he hears about any strange animal attacks or anything of that nature. Finally, he does some research on Perkona, and after finding that he really doesn’t hear anything about them, he looks to see if they have any construction-related job listings online. Finding a need for a maintenance man, he applies.

Chuck receives a call from Agent Sklar, indicating that he has some papers to give him. When the two meet, Agent Sklar gives him photocopies of the two maps Jonah made. Chuck, likewise, tells Agent Sklar about what happened in Illinois. He says he will investigate, and while he is not certain about the legality of transporting reanimated corpses across state lines, he knows that identical triplets working for a biotechnology company sounds suspiciously like human cloning, which is definitely illegal. Since Chuck thinks that something illegal is happening at Perkona, Agent Sklar says he’ll keep an eye on the situation.

When Chuck receives a knock on his door from a man introducing himself as James Soldati — from the Government — he is understandably concerned. Mr. Soldati indicates that he is part of a government organization — he is not at liberty to name the one in question — that hunts supernatural creatures and helps others who do the same. He says he will also be speaking to the others in Chuck’s group. Chuck indicates that he would rather speak to them first, but he will call Mr. Soldati back and let him know about a meeting. James Soldati agrees and the two part.

Chuck then calls everyone to let them know what happened. They decide to leave “James” — Michael, that is — out of the situation due to the delicate nature of that situation. Likewise, Billy Jack agrees to get a hotel room where they can all meet. Everyone agrees to meet at 5:00 PM, and Chuck calls James Soldati again and lets him know that they’re meeting at 5:30 PM.

After getting the hotel room, Billy Jack messes with the door handle and sets up some motion detectors so he can make certain that only he or someone he knows is accessing the room.

While everyone else is getting ready, James Soldati goes to the hospital to visit Jonah and asks him some questions. Jonah indicates that Chuck and Elena are okay, but Agatha — his wife, he says — hasn’t even had the decency to come and visit. Katrina, meanwhile, is pure evil; she was a bad influence on Michael even before he disappeared, and she has some sort of demon-alien baby inside of her. Of course, James Soldati is free to learn more information when his book comes out; hopefully, there might be a movie in the works, as well. After some discussion, James Soldati thanks Jonah and leaves.

When five o’clock rolls around, everyone makes their way to the appointed location. Chuck makes sure everyone is aware of the situation with this government agent, and Billy Jack indicates that some of his other hunter contacts are familiar with government-sponsored hunters, and this sounds like it could be legitimate. Chuck also mentions the maps to the woods and the local caves, and indicates that he might like to go spelunking tomorrow. Everyone else agrees.

At 5:30, James Soldati arrives. Since he is not at liberty to say much of anything, nobody else is really inclined to give him much of anything. Finally, Billy Jack manages to get him to open up a little, saying he served in Afghanistan and helped develop the Marine Martial Arts program. He apparently saw strange things in Afghanistan and got recruited by his current organization at that time. He also indicates that he knows a decent amount about the hunter cell, remarking on their encounter with the Snake-Bear the previous month. They speak a little about it, and then Chuck indicates that he might feel a little better if they work together. He mentions that he has maps to the caves, and would James Soldati be willing to help them investigate? James agrees. Not wanting to deal with any more clandestine stuff, Katrina takes her leave and says she will meet everyone the following day in the woods. After a bit more discussion, everyone else takes their leave. James Soldati briefly talks to Elena first, making certain that her new lifestyle on “the Vigil,” as he calls it, has not impacted her life overmuch. Afterward, everyone goes to their respective homes. Billy Jack keeps monitoring the news, while Elena goes to hang out with some of her friends, Katrina goes home to see Michael and tell him what happened, and Agatha and Chuck go to Wal-Mart to get some gear appropriate for spelunking.



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