False in Some Sense

Those Caught Between; Chapter 3

Friday, February 27, 2009, at about 8:00 PM.

After discussions have been made, everyone assembles their equipment — Katrina retrieves Chuck’s shotgun at Billy Jack’s request, Elena gets a spare change of clothes, and Agatha makes sure she has her computer and her chemistry equipment. Chuck, Elena, Katrina, and Michael get into Katrina’s car and Agatha, Billy Jack, and Duke get into Billy Jack’s truck and they start driving west along the interstate until they hear from Paul and Lilith. After about two hours of driving, Paul calls to indicate that they have just pulled into the Dew Drop Inn, just inside Illinois. The two cars make the remaining fifty miles to the little motel out in the middle of nowhere, where they see Paul’s car, a tractor-trailer truck with a Perkona trailer attached — the truck itself is red with a lightning bolt along the side — and a couple of other cars in the parking lot. A Waffle House is down the road.

Chuck calls Paul and lets him know that everyone has arrived. After some discussion, everyone goes into Paul and Lilith’s room to discuss the plan of action. Paul is introduced to Billy Jack and Duke — he seems quite amazed and humored by the presence of a smoking chimpanzee — and Lilith does likewise, though Duke takes a position as far away from Lilith as possible and just stares at her the entire time. After introductions are made, it is decided that Billy Jack is going to talk to Hank “Bearclaw” Samson in an attempt to find out if he knows anything about the truck’s payload and to keep him busy while the others break into the truck. The two groups then split; Billy Jack walks over to the Waffle House to see if Bearclaw is there, while the remainder of the group goes to investigate the truck.

Billy Jack enters the Waffle House to find Hank Samson, and after asking him about his haul framed as an urban legend about bodies scraping in the back of the truck, he determines that Hank doesn’t know anything about the haul. He then continues to talk with Hank to keep him busy.

Meanwhile, the others go to the truck. After Chuck tries to pick the lock on the back, Lilith takes his lockpicks and gives it a try. She manages to open the door. Inside, there is a lot of biotechnology equipment. Among other things are two large, white pods bearing a vague resemblance to coffins. Lilith points out the one bearing This Way Comes and the one bearing the stranger. Each has an electronic lock on the side. After some quick discussion, Agatha asks Michael if he can do something to disable the lock. He says he can, and after touching it, the lock shorts out. Having found a toolbox and some assorted items, Chuck and Paul go to work prying open the lid. After a heave, they manage to break the door off its hinges and open it to reveal a somewhat large, nude, Caucasian man with a big, black beard lying in some sort of brine. His right arm appears to be neatly amputated, though he is otherwise uninjured. When he sees Lilith, he seems pleased and indicates that he’ll go with everyone. Brief introductions are made, and he introduces himself as This Way Comes, though he explains that he is quite groggy and thinks he has probably been drugged. Chuck and Paul manage to get him out of the pod and wrap a shipping blanket around him. When he suggests that they have another one captured who probably doesn’t deserve this, either, Chuck and Paul decide to open that pod, too. Michael disables the lock, and Chuck and Paul again pry it open with a crowbar. This time, they find a thin, jaundiced, emaciated, nude man inside. He takes a moment to compose himself, and then leaps up. Elena tries to use the door to block him from hurting anyone. Paul strikes him with the crowbar. The man, meanwhile, grows fangs and takes a bite out of Chuck’s arm. Katrina, having been given Billy Jack’s gun in case of emergency, cocks it and tells him not to move. Agatha starts looking around in her bag for a sedative of some sort. Chuck, meanwhile, just tries to make certain that he won’t get hurt again.

The fight quickly changes as the man sees the odds against him and starts to run away. Within moments, Chuck, Elena, and Katrina are all trying to drag him down while Agatha puts sedative in a needle and Paul hits him in the kidney with the crowbar. Agatha manages to inject something into him while the others finally knock him to the ground, and that is roughly the time when they hear voices telling them to halt. Three men — brown hair, dress shirts and khakis, unassuming features, silenced pistols, and all three of them looking the same, like triplets or something — tell them to stop what they are doing. They drop their items and step back from the struggling man on the ground, who then leaps up and jumps from the truck into the group of identical men. Paul then closes the door on the truck as the fanged man and the three other men begin struggling outside. He says that they should probably scatter when he throws open the door, on the count of three. Everyone gathers their items, Chuck does his best to wipe his blood from the floor and his arm, and then Paul starts counting. When he hits three, he throws open the door on the back of the truck. He and Lilith grab This Way Comes and start carrying him. Chuck, Elena, and Katrina close and padlock the door on the truck. Everyone sees as the monstrous man runs into the woods, pursued by the three identical men.

Chuck sends a text message to Billy Jack, letting him know that they need to go now. Billy Jack thanks Hank Samson for the opportunity to talk to him, and then pays for his meal before he leaves. Agatha waits by the truck for Billy Jack to return. Chuck, Elena, Katrina, and Michael return to Katrina’s car to wait for Billy Jack to get back. Paul, Lilith, and This Way Comes load into his car and get ready to go.


It was like watching a taping of one of your favorite shows! Got to see all the behind-the-scenes stuff and even got a walk-on role! Sweet.

Those Caught Between; Chapter 3

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