False in Some Sense

Extraction; Chapter 3

Tuesday, May 26, 2009, approximately 1:00 AM that morning

William Puckett awakens to some noise that morning. After trying to go back to sleep, he swears he hears the sound of distant horns in the woods outside his house. He goes downstairs and he and Billy Jack try to make a plan. After unsuccessfully debating whether to stay at the house or leave, Billy Jack tells William that he will be right back. He steps out of the house, and William hears the truck start up. William runs outside and manages to leap aboard, but the truck does not make it far before something sticks in the tire and deflates it. Still trying to drive, the pair sees a large man, antlered, walking with a pack of wild hounds. He fires another arrow, this time directly into the engine block. The truck stalls and dies.

William jumps onto the hood and activates his Contracts of Vainglory to hold off the horde. The antlered hunter stops, but his hounds do not. William fights valiantly, but is overwhelmed by the dogs and loses consciousness.



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