False in Some Sense

Extraction; Chapter 2

Tuesday, May 26, 2009, throughout the day

Throughout the day, Agatha, Chuck, Elena, and Katrina go about their respective routines. While at work, Agatha makes certain that she finds floorplans and notes the night watchmen on duty. She contacts Chuck with this information, and he then contacts Elena and Katrina, being unable to reach William. After some deliberation, they decide to stick to the original plan of meeting at 5:00 PM.

Agatha, Chuck, Elena, “James,” Katrina, Paul, Agent Sklar, and Janet Cook meet at the “Lake House” around that time. First, Janet explains that if things are too dangerous, the group may abandon the mission if they have enough evidence of untoward things happening in the facility — after all, if things are bad enough, her people will take care of it. Next, Janet reveals what she acquired — some electronic lockpicking equipment along with enough shotguns, sidearms, ammunition, tranquilizer rounds, stun batons, bulletproof vests, BDUs, and personal cameras and radios for everyone, along with an SUV for transportation. With the information and equipment available, the group decides on a plan. “James” will be the driver. Agent Sklar will keep police busy for an extra minute or two if they are called. Janet will be monitoring data in a separate vehicle and will provide backup if necessary. Agatha will enter Phoenix Chemicals first and distract the guards, knocking them out with tranquilizers. Then, the entire group can go to Perkona’s special projects sector in the basement. From their, they can make their way to Lab 6 — the restricted sector. As everyone agrees on the plan, Agent Sklar takes his leave and the rest prepare the equipment, going to Chuck’s house first so Agatha can get a sweatshirt to hide her ballistic vest and sidearm before going to Phoenix Chemicals.

Upon arriving at Phoenix, everyone drops out of sight while Agatha enters the facility. She sees one of the night watchmen walking around, then goes to her office on the pretense of looking for something. She then goes to the guard station and says that she left her cell phone, and did anybody turn it in? When the guard goes to look through the lost and found, Agatha pulls out the stun baton. He catches the movement and tries to stop her, but gets briefly shocked. Disoriented, he manages to pull away, though Agatha tackles him to the ground and shocks him again, knocking him unconscious. She notes on the monitor bank that the second guard is returning to the guard station, so she drags the unconscious body to the side and waits next to the doorway with the stun baton. When the guard enters, she shocks him and knocks him unconscious. She then searches the men, and finding some zip-ties, she ties them up. Then she returns outside.

Quickly gathering her other things she left behind, she tells everyone else what happened and that the coast should be clear. When they enter Phoenix, Chuck does go to the guard station and apply tranquilizers to the two guards, just to ensure that they stay unconscious. Then, the group descends to the basement.

They wander for a bit to make certain that nobody is hiding in any of the other labs, and as they approach Lab 6, the door opens and three identical men, much like those encountered guarding This Way Comes, exit, with guns drawn. A brief firefight ensues, quickly dropping two. A third is engaged in melee combat, as Paul and Elena gang up on him. He is quickly knocked unconscious and Elena stomps on his head until it breaks to ensure that he does not awaken unexpectedly. Chuck looks down the corridor into Lab 6, but stays on that side of the barrier when the door closes. He notes that this small corridor has a sunburst on the ceiling, and that the door has a plate on it reading “Bhogavati.” The digital readout next to the door, positioned atop an alphanumeric keypad, reads, “Who will defend impudent Jatayu?” Agatha and Chuck determine these to be Sanskrit words, and when they ask Janet what this means, she replies that these refer to Hindu mythology, as something of an analogue to Icarus. When they ask what the answer might be, she tells Chuck to try “Sampati” on the keypad. Chuck does so and the door opens. The group moves down the corridor, noting the various labels on the doors — phrases such as “Animal Research A” and “Microbiology” — when they come to a door that quickly opens, revealing another one of the identical men. Gunfire quickly drops him, and another man steps out behind him. This man, wearing black BDUs, appears bald, wears goggles, and has a rather large and imposing knife in his hand. Seeing Elena first, he lashes out at her, stabbing deep into her shoulder. Paul jumps in to assist, but the electrical shock he delivers seems to do nothing to slow the man. Agatha crouches by the door and fires into the room, hitting one of the men still inside and discouraging anyone else from trying to exit. Elena swiftly draws the kukri at her side and goes for the man’s arm. When he slashes at her throat, she slashes at his. Paul keeps striking him with the baton. Finally, Chuck and Katrina risk firing into the fray and down him with two well-placed shots. Chuck shouts for the other men in the room to drop their weapons and slide them into the hall. Calmly, they walk into view and slide their guns into the hallway. Then, they ask what further instructions Chuck has for them. He tells them to turn around and put their hands against the wall. They comply. Then, the group tranquilizes them.

Confused at what just happened, but not questioning the good fortune of being able to order the identical men around, Agatha starts to treat Elena while Chuck examines the monitors. He sees Anatoly Kournikova, lying in a tank with a clear plate on the front. Judging by the position, he is in “Genetic Research B,” across the hall. There is also a woman in the lab with him, currently working on something else. When he conveys this information, Katrina goes to the door and fires a shotgun blast at the keypad and doorknob. Chuck sees the woman smile at the camera and then disappear, apparently after having interacted with a small Zen sand garden at her work station. Paul accompanies Katrina, but they find no trace of anybody else. Chuck also sees some strange animal-human hybrid creatures in the animal research labs, as well as a bandaged figure in another tank elsewhere, but otherwise he does not see anyone. After Agatha comes to investigate, she examines the computers and finds the combination to open Anatoly’s tank. Chuck gets a gurney and some blankets and things out of the stockroom, and they load Anatoly onto the gurney. After deciding that their primary objective is complete and that there should be enough recorded evidence for Janet and her organization, they take Anatoly out.

They are greeted in the parking lot by Janet Cook, who takes Anatoly in her car. Everyone agrees to meet at the “Lake House.” Upon arriving, Janet thanks everyone for the assistance, and says that this officially ends their obligation. Katrina says that she would like to speak with her father soon, and Janet says that it can likely be arranged, and that she will keep in contact. She then collects the equipment and tells everyone they know where to reach her. Then, she leaves to take Elena to the hospital while everyone else goes their separate ways for the evening.



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