False in Some Sense

Clap If You Believe; Chapter 5

Sunday, April 5, 2009, around 3:00 AM

Before everyone arrives at the “Lake House,” Katrina takes the opportunity to explain some things to her friends. Specifically, she explains that the reason why things have been so weird is that “James” is Michael; Michael was implicated in a crime, so needed to change his identity. Additionally, she and her friends are into some dangerous things — not illegal, but crazy things are happening in town. She further explains that whatever comes through the door is likely part of that; her friends are probably going to enter the house injured, and everyone should be expecting that.

She also mentions that another thing that has contributed to her weird mood — and that nobody can breathe a word of this to her mother — is that she lost a baby a couple of weeks ago. Everybody gives their condolences, though Yuri questions her heavily on what she has gotten herself into and says that she should return to Russia. She says that she feels the need to take care of things in Terra Lake before returning home.

Meanwhile, William Puckett makes his way out of a tangle of woods, his last memories being of a flight through the Hedge followed by setting up camp before the final push back to the Earth to find Duke. To his surprise, he finds Duke beside him, who says hello and asks how he is doing, and notes a nearby beartrap outside of a nearby house. As it occurs to him that this is his house, he goes to the door and knocks on it. After waiting for a moment, Billy Jack opens the door and tells him to go away. When William indicates that he is welcome to keep the house, Billy Jack seems surprised and after a moment, invites him inside the house. After some discussion over drinks, William and Billy Jack agree to share this life; William will maintain contact with the local hunter cell and try to establish a political career, while Billy Jack will maintain contact with his associates in Indianapolis and keep working in town. He then decides to contact Chuck so that he can meet and discuss these things.

After driving from town, the battered party of Agatha, Chuck, Elena, and Paul arrive at the “Lake House.” Katrina, Michael, and her friends come out to greet them and help them inside. Katrina introduces everyone to each other. Then, Katrina starts looking at Agatha’s wounds while the others take a moment to rest and explain a little of what happened. As this progresses, Chuck’s cell phone rings. He answers it to find that it is Billy Jack, who indicates that he and another party — being he and his Fetch — would like to meet with everyone and discuss what happened. After a little deliberation, Chuck tells William and Billy Jack to come to the “Lake House.”

In preparation, Michael says that he will take Katrina’s friends downstairs to keep them company while Billy Jack is over. Likewise, Chuck starts setting up the room so that weapons are readily accessible in case things go awry. Elena brews some coffee.

In about a half-hour, William, Billy Jack, and Duke arrive. After everyone exchanges strained greetings, stressed particularly by the presence of what amounts to two Billy Jacks, William explains a few things, essentially going over the conversation that he and Billy Jack had. He explains that he has returned, and he and Billy Jack have decided to share the same life, with Billy Jack taking care of certain things in Indianapolis while William takes care of things in Terra Lake. When he asks Duke a question, everyone is surprised to hear Duke talk, and Duke expresses the fact that William ought to have waited to have questioned him. Once that is out of the way, everyone agrees to return to Terra Lake and take care of whatever entities are still running around in the town. Katrina says good bye to Michael and her friends before leaving, and Agatha decides to stay behind as she is heavily injured.

Elena and Paul arrive in Terra Lake first, and at Chuck’s request, pass by the woods. They note that the spidery goblin is there, as well as the large crab. They call Chuck to report back, and everyone agrees to regroup once Chuck and Katrina check Elena’s house to make sure everything looks all right. It’s only on their way in that direction that they notice the bright flash and hear the thundering explosion from another neighborhood.

Chuck and Katrina park by Elena’s house. Chuck circles around to make sure that everything looks all right. When he is convinced, he returns to the car just in time to see and hear the same blast.

Billy Jack, William, and Duke are driving when they see a spindly, goblinoid thing with mime paint and a large cockroach leaving a house. William tells Billy Jack to stop the truck, and he gets out to speak to them. For a moment, they seem willing to listen before the mime-thing turns into a large, bipedal hyena and begins to attack.

The hyena-man gets a swipe in on William, though William largely manages to evade it and is only grazed. Billy Jack, panicked, fumbles with his revolver while Duke erupts into flames — though seemingly none the worse for it. That’s when a blinding white light and rolling thunder erupts from the cockroach, issuing a concussive blast that knocks Billy Jack unconscious. Everyone is bruised and bloody, and notes the taste of metal and a tingling sensation on the skin. William takes one more swipe from the hyena-thing before he loses consciousness.

Elena and Paul arrive on the scene to see the unconscious people and a flaming chimp dancing around the hyena-man. Paul tells Elena to take the wheel, and he leaps out of the car, waving his baseball bat. Duke finally jumps on the hyena-man and the thing loses consciousness. Elena parks the car and runs after the cockroach, finally pinning it down in someone’s front yard. She dons her iron nail claws and though it is fast, she is faster. She finally manages to down the thing and sneaks away before the Nelsons awaken to see what the disturbance was.

While she is away, Paul successfully tends to William to keep him from bleeding to death.

Chuck and Katrina arrive at the scene a little later, and leave Billy Jack’s big rig to take the others into their own cars. Everyone notes the sensation of tingling skin and the metallic taste before leaving.

They begin to drive around looking for the other creatures. Chuck notices the dragon moving by the side of the road when wounds suddenly erupt on his skin. He manages to control the vehicle while he and Paul drive past it, Paul swatting at it with his baseball bat as he passes and Katrina firing at it with her shotgun. As they turn around, Chuck tries to pass Elena a shotgun but drops it, prompting both to park their cars and retrieve the fallen gun. They then finish the dragon off before reloading and returning to their cars to go to the woods.

They pull into the woods to see the spidery goblin and the crab standing guard over the gate. Elena and Katrina train shotguns on them. Elena manages to get a good hit on the spidery goblin despite its speed, but it still appears to be about to go through the gateway. Katrina fires a shot that downs the crab and Chuck drops his gun, causing it to discharge and blow out one of his tires. The spidery goblin manages to run through the gate before anyone can fire at it.

Everyone reloads and decides to look for the spider, the only thing left unaccounted. They decide on the caves to look for it, and manage to find it and make short work of it. They again reload and return to their cars.

While driving around to make sure that nothing else is running around town, they begin to feel violently ill, and produce bloody vomit. Realizing that they are probably suffering from radiation poisoning, Chuck calls Agent Sklar to inform him of such, and Katrina calls Michael to let him know. Agent Sklar tells them to go to the hospital but not to enter until proper precautions are made. Michael says that he will be on his way, and when he tells Agatha and Katrina’s friends, they decide to relocate and visit.

The others drive to the hospital and wait for the emergency personnel to bring them inside. Paul, realizing that he is likely a special case, says he is going to go find Agent Sklar. The others are transferred to their own room in a wing of the hospital to await treatment.



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