False in Some Sense

Clap If You Believe; Chapter 3

Monday, March 30, 2009, around 4:00 PM and throughout the following week

On his way home, Chuck drops by Billy Jack’s house to see how he is doing. He notes that his truck is missing.

Chuck and Elena meet to discuss what has happened with Angela Johnson. After a brief discussion, they decide that Chuck will call Angela to meet her at the coffee shop. Elena, meanwhile, will go ahead to provide support if he needs it. Chuck calls to invite her out for coffee, then waits for Elena to leave so that he can go to the coffee shop in about five or ten minutes.

Elena arrives and starts working on homework. When Ms. Johnson arrives, they exchange greetings. A little later, Chuck arrives, gets a cup of coffee, and sits with her. They exchange pleasantries before he reveals that he knows her to be a Fetch, and asks her what happened to the real Angela. She responds by claiming ignorance and suggesting that Chuck needs help, though Chuck notes that she knows more than she claims. After the conversation goes to its logical conclusion and she leaves, circling the coffee shop once and then leaving totally, Chuck texts Elena to ask how she thought the meeting went. Elena indicates that it was not good, but it is now done. After discussing briefly, the two go their separate ways.

Meanwhile, Katrina goes to Bishop’s Antiquities to talk to Mrs. Bishop and to purchase some iron implements. Mrs. Bishop lets her know that Michael already did so, as well as letting her know that she received the message Katrina sent, and then proceeds to inform her of her findings. She says that the Market she has encountered has the means to teach Michael how to summon the Fae, as some people seemed interested in bringing them to earth and dealing with them that way. She also indicated that her attempts to find the man who visited Chuck in the hospital were in vain; an associate of hers tried to perform divination on the subject, but was unresponsive for an extended period and returned her money — something the merchants at this Market only rarely do. She repeated the fact that she is not really familiar with demons, but would be inclined to think that this man was something more frightening. After this, Katrina takes some tea, looks around the shop, and goes home.

When she gets home and tells Michael these things, he calls Chuck to inform him about the ability to learn how to call the True Fae. Chuck says that he should look into it, but that they may not go that route if they can determine a better method. Michael also mentions that he has not had the opportunity to visit with people in some time, and he and Chuck, along with Katrina and Agatha, agree to have dinner at the Emerald Dragon the following evening.

When Agatha gets home, she reveals the iron implements she received the other day. She also calls Katrina to offer her some, and when she says that she has acquired some, Agatha calls Elena to offer her a horseshoe to hang in her room. She says that she may consider such.

During this time, Billy Jack has traveled to Indianapolis to talk to his other hunter contacts in an attempt to garner support and gather items. His contact, Freddy Robinson, says he will see if he can find somebody with ready access to iron and a forge. He also indicates that he will see if he can get support, but since Billy Jack is preparing for things on Saturday, he says that they are planning on hitting a vampire nest that night and he doesn’t know how much support they will find. Billy Jack finds a trucker motel and decides to wait until Freddy makes contact again. He does, however, take the opportunity to go scrounging for iron implements, and he manages to find a wrought iron gate, which he purchases. He also sends a text message to Chuck telling him to meet him by the forest gate at 11 PM on Saturday, and to bring iron. He does not respond further to any calls.

Chuck responds by sending this information to everyone, and advising them not to go without further details.

That night, Elena has a mildly disquieting dream, but cannot recall the details precisely upon waking.

The next day, Tuesday, everybody goes about their respective routines. Jim is training, Elena is going to school, Agatha, Chuck, and Katrina all have work. Jim calls his superiors and lets them know that he feels as if he is in over his head; that they ought to extract him and send somebody else. He feels that he would be better suited to actual field duty with a trained unit, and his superiors tell him that they will consider this course of action.

While at work, Chuck leaves his office and returns to be greeted by Agent Sklar. They exchange greetings, and Agent Sklar explains why he is there; Terra Lake needed outside expertise and equipment to dredge the lake in the missing persons case about Johnny Page. He also reveals what he knows; preliminary analysis suggests that somebody was shot on the site. Additionally, a large fish was shot with the same caliber rifle; more information will be revealed as analysis is completed. Chuck mentions the fisherman he saw by the lake, Tyrell Washington, and Chuck also mentions the gun that Officer Hayward gave to him. Agent Sklar says that he will look into both things, and can attempt to trace the gun if he has access to it. Chuck says he will get it to him later. Agent Sklar then takes his leave, and Chuck only has a short time to prepare before he is called to report on the investigation by the lake.

During a break, Chuck texts Elena to call him. She excuses herself from class and calls him, whereupon he reveals what he knows. She indicates that it doesn’t sound like something Johnny would do, and leaves it at that.

At some point, Katrina also sends Billy Jack a text letting her know that she would like to arm herself with iron, if at all possible.

During the day, Freddy Robinson calls Billy Jack to let him know that a friend of his, Fred Winters, is an automotive mechanic who also works with different metals for fighting things. He gives Billy Jack contact information, and Billy Jack calls Fred Winters. The two decide to meet in the evening so that Billy Jack can use his forge. Before going, he takes a torch to the gate to break it into individual segments. He grinds the points, and attaches a handle to one of the five he makes. He also acquires a crossbow from a sporting goods store.

That evening, he goes to Fred Winters’ garage and spends three hours making crossbow bolts and a few beartraps. He pays Fred for the iron ore that he used, and takes his leave.

Meanwhile, Agatha, Chuck, Katrina, and Michael all go out for dinner. Conversation is rather light, though when Chuck is explaining to the others about the large fish that was found, Agent Sklar sends him a picture shortly thereafter of the monstrous thing.

Elena also has an opportunity to hang out with people when Paul calls, asking if they are still on for next week — next week being their Spring Break road trip to Las Vegas — and what, if anything, there is to do in town. They end up hanging out, and when she mentions the fight on Saturday, he says that he does not mind heading out a little later, and he will definitely help fight whatever arrives.

That night, Billy Jack makes a late-night trip to Terra Lake to deliver his makeshift wrought iron spear to Katrina. He places it in a rose box, and leaves a short note.

Also, Elena has an erotic dream about Agent Sklar, though he has completely black eyes and bears the incisors of a rabbit.

In the morning, Katrina sends a text message to thank Billy Jack for the gift, though she does not receive a response. Everyone’s day goes fairly quietly, as such things do. Chuck arranges a meeting on Thursday night to discuss the developments with Billy Jack. He also invites Agent Sklar. Likewise, when Elena gets the invitation, she invites Paul.

Billy Jack, meanwhile, is trying to recruit fellow hunters to stand with him in Terra Lake. After scaring a large number off with the godlike power of the Doctor, he manages to gather two who agree to travel with him. He also goes on patrol once or twice.

That night, Elena has an intense dream of being chased through tunnels and woods. She awakens in a cold sweat, though she is unmolested by bad dreams upon returning to sleep.

The following day, Thursday, the day is fairly quiet until meeting time. Agatha, Chuck, Elena, Jim, Katrina, and Paul assemble at Chuck’s house. When Agent Sklar arrives, he begins by telling Chuck that he didn’t find anything noteworthy on Tyrell Washington, and that a test firing of the gun indicates that its ballistics traces do not match anything on record. He then explains the situation with Johnny to everyone; that testing suggests two different people’s blood at the crime scene. Apparently, one victim was shot once in the head and once in the torso before falling to the ground. The assailant then approached and performed an execution shot to the head to finish the job. Presumably while engaging in some activity by the lake, a large, carnivorous fish dragged itself onto land and bit the assailant before being felled with three rifle shots. All six shots were fired with the same .300 rifle. Additionally, sonar has found a shape resembling the Page family’s early nineties model Honda Accord in the lake, along with some larger shapes. They will probably have to dredge the lake, as well as capture some fish to find any human remains. Once he has revealed this information, Agent Sklar takes his leave as he senses that everyone else is waiting for him to go to discuss their business.

Once he has gone, Chuck begins discussing the issue with Billy Jack. He assumes that Billy Jack is prepared to call the Fae out of hiding and fight them, but he is also aware that the limited contact he has had suggests that something could be horribly wrong; Billy Jack might be possessed by a demon, or otherwise deranged and setting a trap. Chuck says that he will not attend. Since Katrina has family coming to town on Friday, and because he is not contacting, she will not attend. Agatha says she does not know. Elena, Jim, and Paul all agree to go, if only because the only way to know what is happening is to do something. Chuck agrees with this, and considers going. He eventually concedes to go ahead of time to make sure there is not a trap, and he and Jim decide to check out the site at around 8:00 PM. During this, Paul says he will try to determine if he can figure out where Billy Jack went, so he goes to his house. After about an hour, he calls back saying he did not find anything. Then, everyone goes to their respective homes to sleep and prepare.

Friday is remarkably quiet. Other than the typical array of work and school, Katrina and “James,” as he is introduced to everyone, go to Indianapolis to pick up Katrina’s relatives and friends from Russia, Yuri, Dimitri, and Mishka. After introductions are made, with James greeting everyone in Russian — and revealing to Katrina that he had been secretly learning Russian to better converse with her and her family — they return to Katrina’s apartment to hang out.

The next day, Elena goes to work, packs her bags and tells her parents “Good bye” — having told them that she is going to cheerleading camp — and then hangs out with Paul until it is time to go to the woods.

Likewise, Chuck and Jim arrive with what little equipment they have at about 8:00 PM and wait. Elena and Paul arrive shortly before 11:00 PM, and Billy Jack and Duke arrive at that time with some military bags full of equipment. After again giving Chuck his admonishments about not asking him what he had to do during his time away, he starts digging a pit and setting up bear traps. After his two associates from Indianapolis arrive and he learns that they do not have iron weapons, he gives them two of his spikes while giving the other to Jim. He places the last one within the pit and hides all of his traps. The plan is simple: after he calls the Doctor using a technique he learned, they herd anything that comes through the gate into the traps. After he gets in an argument with Chuck, he asks Chuck to leave, and Chuck does. Likewise, Paul starts admonishing him for not planning with the others, and since he does not like Paul’s tone, he asks him to leave. Elena follows him, leaving only Billy Jack, Jim, and his two associates from Indianapolis.

Chuck, meanwhile, walks back to his car, but waits to see what might happen. Likewise, Elena and Paul wait within earshot.

Billy Jack, Jim, and the others prepare themselves, and then Billy Jack uses the technique he has apparently learned, shouting for the crazy bastard to come out. When nothing happens, Billy Jack gets frustrated, but just when he is about to try again, the gateway opens. Out of it steps the Doctor, as well as eight other things. These include a large, pale crab covered in beads and bangles and carrying a bone rattle; a slim Gray alien with black-and-white mime paint, with the lips forming an exaggerated smile; a wiry, muscular man with a burlap sack over his head featuring a smile painted in blood wearing a pair of tattered jeans and wielding an axe; a hook-nosed, green-skinned goblin with a shock of hair and spider legs; a six-foot-long serpent with a feathered mane and a roguish grin; a large cockroach, faintly glowing green and with markings resembling a skull on the wingcase; a lovely, pale woman with black hair wearing a silver dress and wielding a shimmering rapier; and a large spider bearing four, leering, human faces where its eyes should be. The Doctor, in typical fashion, appears too grand and awesome to attack. At the sight of these things boiling out of the portal, Billy Jack panics and abandons all pretense of planning, firing a wild crossbow bolt at the large crab, which imbeds into its carapace with a sizzling sound, blackening the shell around it. Chuck, Elena, and Paul all move to listen to the increased noise. The cockroach scuttles into the fray, shaking and twitching and kicking up a cloud of choking dust that sets Billy Jack, Jim, and the other two associates to coughing. Jim manages to regain himself quickly enough to run, and one of Billy Jack’s associates does likewise. The crazed woman leaps forward and stabs Billy Jack’s remaining associate with her rapier, while the spider glowers at Billy Jack with its faces and he loses consciousness. The Gray in mime paint shifts into the form of a large, bipedal hyena, and the man with the burlap sack over his head slashes at Billy Jack’s dazed remaining associate with his axe. Finally, the serpent hurls an insult at the remaining hunter, and he loses consciousness.

With the opposition scattered or vanquished, Elena starts yelling as the horde converges on the Doctor to defend him as he picks up Billy Jack and takes him through the forest gate. As Elena gets louder and the creatures start to turn in their direction, Chuck pulls up to offer them a ride, and Elena and Paul jump in his car. As he passes Jim and the other hunter, he offers them a ride. As Chuck drives past the lake, he shouts for someone to fire into it, and drives around it as Jim fires into the lake, hoping to agitate the carnivorous fish in the lake. Then, Chuck pulls away from the lake and back onto the road.


sigh Good job, guys. You’ve unleashed the Fae-pocalypse. This can only get awesomer from here :D

Clap If You Believe; Chapter 3

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