False in Some Sense

Clap If You Believe; Chapter 2

Saturday, March 28, 2009, around 5:00 PM (and throughout the next two days)

Once away from the rest of the group, Billy Jack immediately speeds home and starts to prepare. He puts crosses around his home and starts fortifying his defenses, confident that he has enough food and traps to withstand any siege. He waits at his window with his shotgun, ready for whatever might come to his home.

Agatha goes back to Chuck’s house, and calls Billy Jack; when it goes straight to voicemail, she leaves a message. Elena goes home to work on homework. Jim goes back to his hotel room to file a report. Katrina goes home to see Michael and tell him what happened.

Chuck, meanwhile, goes home to get some spraypaint. He returns to paint a smiley face over the serpent on the wall in the caves. When finished, he calls Billy Jack; when it goes straight to voicemail, he leaves a message. Then, he makes his way over to Billy Jack’s house.

Chuck arrives at Billy Jack’s house to find his big rig parked haphazardly outside, along with several crosses hung outside the building. All the lights are off as if no one is home. Chuck walks up the sidewalk and knocks on the door. After a moment, the door flies open and Billy Jack grabs Chuck, pulling him into the house, closing the door, and telling him to get down. Billy Jack crouches by the window with his shotgun at the ready. Chuck crouches down, as well, telling him that the others are willing to help him out. Billy Jack instead says that he doesn’t need their help, not right now; he’s hunkering down for a couple of weeks, and he will contact everyone again when he is sure the danger has passed. No, he will not be answering his cell phone. No, he does not want to talk about what happened today. He does say that Chuck or Elena or somebody needs to talk to Johnny, because he’s getting into something, and without guidance he will get too deep to be saved. If they cannot find the time to talk to him, whenever this thing blows over, Billy Jack will talk to his parents. When nothing further develops, they exchange farewells and Chuck leaves. He does make certain to call everyone and let them know that Billy Jack is okay, but does not want to be bothered and does not want to talk about the events of the day. Everyone continues with their routines until they go to sleep.

Chuck is awakened by the front door as he realizes that someone is inside the house. He slips out of bed, gets his shotgun, and calls 911 to let them know. Meanwhile, he hears the footsteps ascending the stairs. As the doorknob to his room turns, he points the shotgun at the door. When the door swings open, Chuck lets out a yell that startles the intruder and awakens Agatha. He sees a very tall, athletic fellow with Nordic features and a royal blue jumpsuit standing at his door. Chuck notes that he seems odd to his sight. He tells the man that the police have been called. The man, in return, indicates that it is very inconvenient that Chuck is awake; he then gestures at Chuck’s cell phone, which crackles and stops working. Agatha, meanwhile, peeks out of her room with her shotgun and sees the man standing there — whom she recognizes as the Draconian Doctor of Dread Dark from her previous dream. He notes her, and she shouts to Chuck that it’s the Doctor. When they get ready to fire, they find that the Doctor is far too impressive a being for them to shoot, almost like defacing a priceless work of art. Chuck tells Agatha to return to her room. The Doctor tells Chuck to go to sleep, and when he does not comply, he turns to leave. Chuck follows him to make certain he leaves, and the Doctor leaves the house and enters a black sedan. Two Men in Black are driving, and the car speeds off into the night. Chuck notes the license plate, which is an apple, a triangle, and a human eye looking around the street. He then goes back into the house to call Jim, who says he will make his way over.

Within a couple of minutes, the police arrive. Chuck notes that one of them seems odd, and he makes a point of talking to the other one. They take the appropriate information, and Chuck gives his story — leaving out a few of the weirder elements. While describing the man, he notes that Officer Dahl — the one who seems off — looks crestfallen; completely broken, as if he might go home and kill himself. Before they leave, Agatha, having come out by this point, puts a hand on his shoulder, but he doesn’t seem to pay attention. The pair drive off.

Jim arrives shortly, and Chuck lets him know what happened. After Agatha and Chuck have a discussion about Fetches — with Chuck saying that it doesn’t matter because they’re not really people, and Agatha saying that they’re just living their lives and their deaths still impact their families — ending when she goes upstairs in a huff. After she leaves, Jim asks Chuck how attached he is to the town, and Chuck indicates that he would like to stay. Realizing that the Doctor may go elsewhere, Jim calls Elena and Chuck calls Katrina to warn them that the Doctor appeared and to be on the lookout. Elena goes back to bed, but Katrina and Michael are up the rest of the night, just in case. Jim and Chuck stay up, as well, drinking coffee. Unable to sleep, it is not too long before Agatha joins them. Despite knowing that he cannot reach him, Chuck also calls Billy Jack to leave a message.

The next day, everybody goes about their respective routines. Both Katrina and Jim call Mrs. Bishop — getting her voicemail — to warn her that the Doctor was about. Elena is working. Agatha is going about her business. Chuck goes to church, and then drives past Billy Jack’s house, continuing on his way when he sees that Billy Jack’s truck is not there. By this time, everyone has noticed that they are being followed intermittently by residents of Terra Lake; when one gets shaken or loses interest, another takes up the trail.

Meanwhile, Billy Jack goes out to the woods a little before noon, taking a hunting rifle and a tree stand. He parks his truck a ways away and hikes to a spot with a clear view of the lake, setting up there. Within a couple of hours, an older Honda Accord parks by the lake and Johnny steps out. Billy Jack takes aim at his head and fires, grazing the left side of his head. A bewildered and bleeding Johnny swiftly glances around, and seeing Billy Jack in the tree stand, starts to run for his car. He doesn’t make it; instead, Billy Jack fires another shot into his side, and he collapses. Billy Jack then climbs down the tree and goes to look; finding that Johnny is still alive but breathing in a shallow fashion, he puts the rifle to his head and finishes the job.

His work done, Billy Jack goes to break down the tree stand. Then, he returns and decides to throw Johnny’s body into the lake. He gets him most of the way there when a very large fish — easily ten feet long — leaps out of the water, flopping onto land, and bites him on the calf. Billy Jack tosses the body in the lake and then runs to get his rifle. He gets a shot off as the large fish bites him again in the knee, clipping it in the face with a rifle bullet. He puts some distance between himself and the slow-moving fish and takes a couple more shots, finally putting the thing down. He then hops into the car, puts it in neutral, and sends it into the lake. He walks into the woods, makes his way into the cave, cuts his hand to open the gateway to the other place, and throws his rifle as far as it will go. He waits for the gate to close, and then returns to his truck and goes home.

Later that afternoon, Chuck again visits Billy Jack. Chuck makes sure that he is doing all right, and Billy Jack again mentions talking to Johnny, because he is liable to get in some sort of trouble. He also indicates that if Chuck continues to inquire about the events of the previous day, Billy Jack will be forced to use force to dissuade him. He also indicates that Chuck should not return here. Chuck agrees to leave, and after doing so, calls Elena at work. He explains that Billy Jack said one of them should call Johnny or else Billy Jack will be forced to talk to his parents. Elena agrees to do so, and after hanging up with Chuck, calls Johnny’s house. Learning that he is not home, she just tells his parents to tell him that she called.

The rest of the day proceeds quietly, with everyone going about their business. As the day ends, everyone goes to sleep.

The next day, everyone awakens and prepares for the day. Agatha and Chuck get ready for work, as do Katrina and Michael in their own residence. Billy Jack stays in his house, continuing to await the coming storm. Jim gets ready, planning to go to Bishop’s Antiquities when it opens.

Elena, however, finds her routine interrupted in the middle of dressing. She hears a knock on her window and covers herself to find a small, green, goblin thing with a heavy coat and a pack clinging to her window; as if it needed to be said, the little thing appears strange to her sight. She screams, and after reassuring her mother when she comes to the door, she says that the goblin has to wait a moment before entering. She shuts the blinds and finishes dressing, then lets the little thing in. After asking what precisely he is, to no avail, she asks what he wants. He explains that he understands that she has some scars of which she would like to rid herself, and he can do that for the memory of whatever ceremony opens the door to the dead in the caves in the woods. To sweeten the deal he even throws in a spider silk shawl, which she notes as just a lace shawl. She agrees, so he pulls out a bottle and peels off the scars on her chest as if they were makeup, then shaking her hand, handing her the shawl, and taking his leave. Her scars gone, she changes into a low-cut shirt and makes her way to school.

At work, Chuck hears that Officer Dahl killed himself Sunday evening, and he also hears that there is a missing persons report out for Johnny Page.

Meanwhile, Elena hears that Johnny is missing at school. Additionally, she notes that Ms. Johnson, the biology teacher, now registers as being wrong to her sight; furthermore, she is wearing a lower-cut blouse than normal, and in general acting with a strange confidence. Nobody else seems to notice, although Elena manages to catch the eye of Mr. Webb, the school’s janitor, and she realizes that he notices, too.

She sends a text message to Chuck to ask him about Johnny and to let him know about Fetch-Johnson. He indicates that he doesn’t know about the former and most emphatically did not know about the latter; it’s certainly a new development. The two agree to meet after she gets out of school and Chuck gets out of work.

At the end of the day, Elena seeks out Mr. Webb to talk to him. He indicates that she looks the same, but she acts almost like a totally different person; when Elena asks, he indicates that he does not get this feeling often at all, not even in town. He just says that it pays to watch one’s surroundings. However, he seems interested when Elena indicates that the town has many strange occurrences, and he concedes that there is an abnormally high disappearance rate. He also notes that the scars she previously sustained are missing. They agree to let each other know if one notices something strange before Elena leaves.



Clap If You Believe; Chapter 2

Something about being careful when fighting monsters not to become one…

Clap If You Believe; Chapter 2

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