False in Some Sense

The Weird Turn Pro, Chapter 3

Wednesday, February 11, 2009, at various points throughout the day

The previous evening, before talking to Jonah and all that, Katrina received a call from her cousin Yuri in response to her assertion on her LiveJournal that something was wrong and she needed to talk to someone. Yuri, however, finds that she is doing better, even if everything is not exactly normal, and that she thinks she will be okay. Yuri says he’ll let everyone know, and that if people have the opportunity, he’ll also let them know that they should visit. If she has the time, she should do likewise.

The next day sees everyone make their way to work or school. Things are going in a relatively mundane fashion until lunchtime at Terra High School. Elena looks up to see Roger walking into the cafeteria, trenchcoat on, backpack on, coming over to her with grim purpose. He walks up to her and the shotgun comes out. He starts babbling, says he can’t remember his name, and he needs to know what it is. The lunchroom grows hushed and panicked as the gun comes out. Elena manages to convince him to move the shotgun directly off of her, though it’s still out, and she starts to explain that he’s Roger, he goes to Hot Topic. She then looks up to see another student sneaking around the back of Roger to try to take him down. She tries to wave him off, but as Roger notices the movement, he turns and fires. The student, Montgomery Chase, gets hit in the shoulder and collapses on the ground, screaming. Roger then turns back to Elena, again asking for his identity. When she cannot say much further, he intimates that the Doctor wants to know how it will end. When she doesn’t know, he says that we’ll all meet the Doctor eventually. He rests the shotgun under his chin and discharges it. The scene is initially bloody, but all that hits the ground are twigs, black candles that have been bitten in half, and scraps of black lace. At this, the student body panics and rushes the main entrance. Elena tries to move Monty to ensure he’s not crushed in the stampede. She becomes aware of somebody helping; it’s Johnny. After the lunchroom has cleared out a little bit, he starts tearing off strips of his jacket and asks Elena to get some paper towels or something. She returns with napkins, and Johnny wraps Monty’s wounds. She then calls 911.

Meanwhile, Jonah has an idea to get some of the students studying electronics to help him repair his survey equipment. He starts heading over to the school.

Once emergency personnel arrives and cordons off the scene, they start interviewing witnesses and checking injuries. When he arrives at school, Jonah sneaks past the police and goes to the audio/visual labs. Finding everything abandoned, he comes into the cafeteria to find Elena, Johnny, and the emergency personnel. The police, being well-acquainted with Jonah, lead him out but do not press charges. They do, however, inform him that he should likely use the main entrance to the school in the future.

Meanwhile, Chuck is informed that he needs to go down to the high school to report on the shooting at Terra High School. Elena calls him before he goes on, and gives him the basic gist of what happened. He sees Jonah get led from the school just before going on camera.

Katrina becomes aware of the shooting as several parents pull their young children out of the dance studio. After a bit, the studio shuts down with the revelation of the official story: there’s been a shooting at Terra High School and the adolescent shooter is still at large. Katrina returns to her apartment and eats lunch with Michael.

Agatha only becomes aware of the incident tangentally, as some parents leave work to pick up their children.

After being interviewed by police and paramedics, Elena goes home with her parents. She goes to her room and watches Chuck’s coverage on television.

Once Chuck is finished with his report on television, he speaks to everyone briefly, and one way or another, they all agree to meet at his house.

Jonah, however, goes to Katrina’s apartments first. Before visiting her, he goes to the abandoned apartment that apparently has a portal to another place in it. He tries to force the door to no avail. Then he goes to his car, gets a hammer, and smashes open the lock before going inside. He looks around, finding the place abandoned and otherwise appearing normal, when the landlord arrives. Jonah asks if he can squat there for $800 a month, and the man refuses, making the counter offer that if he pays for the door, he won’t call the police. The landlord says $200, Jonah says $300 and eventually makes it $400 for good measure. At that point, Katrina and Michael walk by, and hear Jonah. Jonah notices them and the group decides to make their way over to Chuck’s house.

Chuck gets home first and finds a large package on his doorstep, apparently delivered from Bishop’s Antiquities. When Chuck looks inside, he finds an antique armoire. When Jonah, Katrina, and Michael arrive, Jonah explains that Chuck received his package; when he went into Bishop’s Antiquities to plant the tape recorder, he had to buy something so no one would get suspicious. The four then move the armoire in the house and start to get situated. After spending time to primp and get ready, Elena makes her way over, though quite sullen. The meeting starts, and Chuck and Elena explain what happened at the school. With that out of the way, Jonah starts discussing strategy, wondering about things that might be done to take the battle to the mysterious Others. Agatha comes home around this time, just in time to hear Jonah’s rambling, and starts suggesting that his ideas are pure science fiction. The argument only escalates after that, as Agatha argues that Jonah is dangerously unbalanced while Jonah argues that he is merely acting as an advisor for the group, and suggesting courses of action, and perhaps if his advice is unwarranted, he should leave. The argument grows more heated once attention turns to Katrina, and she explains that she is pregnant, but due to the timing of the pregnancy, it was most likely with Michael’s Fetch. The argument continues, with Jonah putting forth the idea that Agatha’s implanted kidney, Katrina’s baby, or Michael’s new state might compromise them. Agatha retorts that he discusses things with his Masonic fellows with impunity, and that he and Chuck have demonic seals on their chests.

Around this time, there is a knock at the door. Chuck looks to see two strangely angular men in dark suits, both of whom appear odd. He tells Agatha to run out the back door, which she eventually does, before he opens the front door. They suggest that it was very stupid to send her out with the gunmen out back, to which Chuck closes the door and tells Agatha to re-enter. Jonah then opens the door, and the two Men in Black make their way in. The lights flicker as they enter. After acknowledging everyone, they suggest that those who witnessed the boy fall into pieces, or those who think that Katrina’s baby is anything other than Michael’s and anything other than normal ought to reconsider, lest their bodies find their way into shallow graves. Chuck asks for credentials, which they give, suggesting they are with the CIA, and when everyone has agreed, they leave. Chuck watches as they get into their Cadillac and drive away.

With a brief pause, the argument continues. An offhanded comment by Katrina implies that Chuck has known about this child for some time, implicating him among whatever problems the cell is having. With the idea being apparent that everyone might be a security leak, Michael brings up the fact that the Others operate by cutting deals with everyone and everything, and this sort of strife can only help. He goes further to suggest that, rather than segregating everyone who might be compromised, maybe none of these things suggest that the group is compromised, and everything might be all right. The argument ends with the agreement that people might mention to others if they want to let people outside the group know important information, and with Agatha’s assertion that she is trying to get her kidney removed. Katrina has already said that she doesn’t know what will be done about the baby, but she will figure it out. Based upon the events of the previous evening and Roger’s reaction, the group also determines that some Fetches apparently freak out if someone confronts them about being Fetches, and maybe that’s a poor idea for the future.

Finally, having brought it up earlier, Michael brings up that he could take a look at Jonah’s survey equipment. He says, however, that he will probably use abilities that he learned in his time away to repair it. Given the current uncertainty, everyone decides to allow it to happen. Chuck, Katrina, and Michael go downstairs to look at it. Michael says it needs a few parts, goes outside to gather twigs and rocks and such, and then takes Chuck’s tools and gets to work. Chuck winces as Michael hammers rocks and rubs dirt into the machine, but swiftly turns to amazement as the foreign objects actually meld with the machine. After around half a minute, Michael says he is finished. Chuck jokes that he might want to hold off on telling Jonah, as that’s a little embarassing, but the group goes upstairs and tells Jonah that his machine is done. Jonah takes the device and goes off to the woods to see if there are caves to map, while everyone else calls it an early night and goes home.

After everyone has left, Chuck calls Angela Johnson, Elena’s biology teacher. He sets up a date for 6:00 PM Saturday, being Valentine’s Day, at the Emerald Dragon, an upscale Chinese restaurant in town. She agrees, and Chuck says he’ll pick her up around 5:45 PM.



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